Friday, February 7, 2014

Do You Want To Transform Your Life

Its time to know more about you

 Yester day I  was looking for my notes  for next palmistry class starting on 16th Feb in Delhi and while searching  them  I came across a  small book call Kar Lakshan  [Characteristics of hand ]  While just going through  the small book I found  few very interesting facts about finger and many more which I would share with you.

 I t said If   priyadarshni [Index finger ] and Madhayma { middle finger ] have less distance in between then one has happy child hood.
If  Madhyama [ Middle finger] and  Anamika [ Sun Finger] has less distance it between then the guy is lucky in youth and  leads happy life.  In the same way if there is less distance between Kanishthika [ Little finger] and Anamika [ Sun finger ] then one leads happy and satisfied life in old age.
 If the fingers have lot of distance in between then one is unable to save money and is spend thift.
 Interestingly when I checked these facts with  my clients while reading their palm and guiding them for their life path I found it correct..
 The article also said that according to  Varahamir the great Indian astrologer people with thin fingers live long and  have more Aaayu and if fingers are thin and  straight then one is intelligent and well placed with good career  in life. People with flat  fingers  believe in helping others  and  with thick fingers are   unable to earn their living easily and face professional and financial issues. They go through lot of hand ship in life.
 In my day to day practice I found these points correct .   As a fortune teller   many people visit me  and I have read thousands of hand I checked these facts with them  while doing  palm reading .
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