Thursday, December 8, 2016

Numerology PInnacle Numbers the Inner Soul Number

There are two important long-term cycles in #Numerology, each affecting us in a slightly different way: the Pinnacle cycles and the Period cycles.

The Period #cycles require no calculation whatsoever, other than reducing the units of your date of birth to single digits, (Except in case of Master Numbers)
The Pinnacle cycles are seen more as an indication of the kind of opportunities, circumstances and environment you will encounter during certain times of your life, and are calculated by adding your Period cycle numbers. The sum of your First and Second Period cycle produces your First Pinnacle

Monday, December 5, 2016

Fish Sign In Hand Gives Gains And Money

Have you heard of #fishsign in #palmistry
Machli (Fish Sign) is big oval shape sign and only found on Mount of Ketu or Mount of Moon.If a person has Machli (Fish) sign in his/her hand then that person is religious and prosperous. He inherits ancestral property or  income. Suddenness  becomes  part of his life . Sudden gains Sudden falls are common .
  He is noble minded and works for charity.He will be always scared of water. He will have an incident of drowning in his life but someone will save him. He always suffers from sinusitis type of problems. #Fish #Matsya #WealtLine #MonyLine #AstrologerInDelhi #MoneyManagement, #Anxiety #line #health Hastsamudrikshashtra #palmistry #chirology