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2020 Year of Rahu Planet of Suddenness Can be Beneficial for Many

2020  Year of Rahu  the Planet of Suddenness  
 Can be Beneficial for many

 Personal Year Numerology  Prediction

  Year 2020 is Governed By  Number 4  Lord of Number 4 is planet Rahu   . Rahu if placed well in hand , numbers or horoscope, one can conquer enemies . They gain authority  ,wealth , favours. They can gain success with the help of others .  Some do have tremendous sex drive . If Rahu is afflicted or does not have friendly bhgyank or destiny number As per 2020 Numerology then one may get involved into foolish and cruel deeds .  If Rahu if non friendly as per   Numerology Astro grid  it leads to immoral irreligious deeds . It gives head ace sickness and denial of happiness  
This year as per numerology horoscope year 2020 is going to effect more on   People  who are born on born     on 4th , 13th , 22th   and 31th  dates  . People have zodiac sign Aries ,  Gemini Cancer , Virgo ,Leo, Sagittarius  Aquarius   will also be affected .
People born on these dates and months   may get more  reward of their pursuits , They  will play leading roles in marketing , media , films , magic travel industry and computer fields   .  The year will bring romance and few can have extra marital affair on indulge in live in relations .  Native having Personality Number 4  will  prefer love marriage . 
Native born in January , February ,July and August will also be partially influenced   by Rahu .   
 Lot of hard work is required for people having birth number or Life Path  Number 1 and 2 . Other birth dates which will enjoy blessings of Rahu in Numerology personal year 2020 are  6st  8th 3rd and 5th .

Personal Year  prediction  Number 1
 Date 1st ,10th 19th 28th
 2020 will be rewarding year for  Number 1 . It will be year of success , Opportunities, achievements in job,  business and education .  Income will increase and you may become economically strong .
 According to numerology  horoscope 2020 care should be taken in under taking any assignment in June .  Chances of change in place . People who are in business and service may face various obstructions .   This year is very important for you. All those difficulties you have been facing from the last few years  months  needs to be analysed again . People with repeated number   3, 5,  and 9 in Date of birth  can go ahead on the path of progress. New hope and aspirations for natives with Aries Zodiac signs .   The year may not be good for  native having life path  number 1 and 7 .  In the month of September  property related disputes can occur  so be aware of hidden enemies  Few of you can  hear a good news form son , legal cases will be decided in your favour .   There are chances of group benefits form shares and lottery. Harmony in house will be less  . There can be minor misunderstanding with spouse . 
They  may not get along with people with life path number 4 and 6 . Numerologist Nisha says   you will end up spending more this year . She suggest to check and read papers properly .
 Students will get  involved in competitive exams . Mentally you will be free from fear, tension and other complexes. You may have small journeys. People engaged in  .  gold,  education, competition, writing, business, machinery computer, property, technology related work  may get special reward. July  and the month of September  will be helpful. Lot of patience and hard work is required to achieve success.
What to do  Make best use of opportunities to make life stable
What to avoid – Scandal and strong sexual passion .
Lucky color – Green
Lucky day-  ,3th 6th  ,9th ,13th ,15th ,12th ,18h ,27th
 Friendly Love numbers – 2.6,9
Lucky Days – Saturday  , Mon , Thursday   
Remedy  -    Chant  Surya Gaytri 108 times every day. Write number  32 every day on your left arm  

Personal Year prediction Number 2
 Date 2nd 11, 20th 29th
Number 2 is ruled by Moon They are sensitive and imaginative people.  The year will effect more to  People having date of birth 2 , life path number 2 or Zodiac sign Cancer . They will face  tensions. Younger brother may create more problems  .  Most  chronic problems will be solved with the help of mother  . You may Introduce new technique and technology .  This year you will experience special element of attraction in yourself. You will have the company of new friends who will prove helpful in your progress and continue to extend their cooperation. Obstructed enterprises will have smooth run in October .
  As per numerology horoscope 2020 year is more beneficial for small trade . Year will bring more and fruitful for foreign  traveling . People with Life path number 6 and 9 will get promotion . There will be obstructions for  natives with repeated  number 7 in  DOB.. They should check well before entering into new venture .   Numerologist Nisha  says year 2020 can bring health problems for sister  .   Married life will be happy   An advice for people having Number 4 and 5 in their Date of birth  to do your work systematically hurried decisions may result in losses. There will be celebration in the family in month of November .
 Year ill bring good news for Doctors and  Surgeons .  People in  business related to  Travel, chemical, chemist , medical industry etc .. Students can go  abroad for higher education . They  may buy a new vehicle.  Be aware of water-bone infections .
 Natives  will overcome financial and married life  tensions  .  Relation with female gender will improve. New relation ship will come up . Marriage can  take place .

What to do  Exercise  and avoid oily food
What to avoid – Shortcut methods .  .
Lucky colour – Silver  
Lucky day- 4th ,3rd , 8th 16th 22h .
Lucky Days –  Wednesday  Monday ,    
Remedy -  Keep  Shani Yantra in North direction and write number 5 on your left arm .

Personal Year  prediction  Number 3
 Date 3nd 12, 21th 30th
 For birth date number 3 , year will add faith, love  and spirituality in you . The inner leader qualities will shine and you will be appreciated by your seniors .
Natives with  birth date 21 or life path number 4  will face land related disputes  . Mental tension and failure in relation can happen . 2020  will be good  for politicians , people interested can join politics .Natives who having life path number  1 , 2 and 3 the year will bring new business opportunities .
Influence of Rahu   will be on  Zodiac Sign Capricorn, Aquarius, Cancer and Sagittarius   as well. According to Number4 Numerology  horoscope 2020  be alert and watchful in the month of April . If number 5 and 7  in your Date of  birth then the family life can get disturbed  . Avoid speaking high . There can be rift with Son . There can be court cases .
 Palmist Numerologist Nisha  According to 2020 Numerology  year will  be significant for students  ,people in the field of  lawyers, jewellery makers ,  and teacher . They  can get promoted   . Administration teaching and healing job will progress. Your friend circle will increase. All disappointments in this regard will be taken care of.  Caution should  be taken while  speaking and writing. Do not sign any document without checking them thoroughly since .You may get cheated during this year.
What to do  Read all documents carefully
What to avoid –.  Hurriedness in plans.
Lucky colour – Golden   
Lucky day- 1st 2nd 3rd 11th 12th 17th 29th
Lucky Days – Sunday , Wednesday  , Thursday
 Remedy – Chant   Lakshmi mantra 51 times daily , and write number 5 every day on your left arm .

Personal Year Prediction  Number  4      
 Date 4th  13th , 22nd  31st
 2020 is year number 4 For Number 4 people year will be good .  You will win over your enemies  Hurdles will come your way but success will be ultimate gain .Though  schemes will be completed with lot of difficulties . Sudden difficulties can come , how ever there are gains form enemies  . Earlier vision will materialize with success in business . Gains form share can improve financial situation in April  and November  For people having  repeated number 6 and 8 in date of birth   they may go for happy journey   .
According to Numerology horoscope  2020 This year would be challenging for Zodiac sign Virgo  and Aquarius  ,and beneficial for sign Libra and Capricorn . Opposition may create a problem . Mind may get distracted.  People engaged in computer,  Media ,  Radio , Acting Aviation  will get much  profit . Middle of the year is profitable.  Plan for investment wisely.   Travel overseas my bring profits .  Health will remain normal . Few may  suffer from high fever Gastric  and skin problems   .
Avoid unnecessary expandichar and  be  alert and active .  Natives with Life path Number  1 can have dispute in property. Their new projects can come to halt .
 Numerologist Nisha suggest you to save money and wisely   this year . Your savings will serve as cushion.. Advance planning for future is required.
 What to do – Be alert and active .
What to avoid – Laziness and irregular meal 
Lucky colour –Pink   
Lucky day- 4th 6th 8th   15th  17th 18th  22nd 24th
Lucky Days – Saturday , Friday , Tuesday     
Remedy – Keep water fall in north direction and write number 15  every day on your left arm

Personal year prediction number   5
 Date 5th  14th , 23nd  
The year may start with romance and new bonding which can turn into  marriage  .  The year will be neutral .  Full cooperation of friends will be there .You may feel frustrated in the beginning of year  later the issues will be sorted out . There can be delay in something  important  so management is required in professional and home front . Health  problem like  Gall bladder , Blood pressure  can erupt . Self control on food is needed . Losses can take place in buying and selling of shares
  For Native with  Sun Sign Virgo , Gemini  and Leo birth sign the year is favourable for foreign travels in September . People having zodiac sign Cancer can face lot of competitions in every aspect . Discord with brothers may result into police case .
Year will prove landmark for people engaged in marketing ,accounts , Engineers , Writers , Lawers .Your confidence is your biggest asset.
 According to Numerology horoscope 2020  Year is going to be profitable for natives having Life Path  number  4 and 8. Year 2020 financially quite satisfying .   Natives can go for  long  journeys connecting to business . Nisha Ghai Numerologist advises to maintain good relation with sister .    Students having repeated number  5  and 8  in date of birth may get selected in their desired courses .  Be aware there can be chance of accident in August
Nisha Says People having  Life path  number 5 should not speak harsh to people this can lower their prestige. Health wise the year will be good .
What to do – Keep Focus on   what you do .
What to avoid – over confidence, help some one needy  
Lucky colour – Light green    
Lucky day-  3rd 5th  6th 8th  15th 17th 22nd  26th
Lucky Days –  Wednesday ,  Friday , Thursday     
Remedy – Donate food  in  girls school and write Number 11 every day in your left arm .

Personal Year Prediction  Number  6
 Date 6th  15th , 24nd  

 In 2020 their will be gradual success for life path number 6 .  Be aware of enemies during this year or else they will impact you . Business will be normal and conditions will favour natives in service . Zodiac signs Tarsus  and Libra will also be affected .  Extra expenses can be seen this year . Satisfactory business or regular income may come to sudden halt in June  . Avoid lottery and speculation or you  may get into debt .  Wavering mind and ones own mistake may result into losses .  
 According to numerology horoscope 2020 for zodiac sign Virgo and  life path number 4 difficulties may occur ,any kind of addiction like liquor should be avoided.  It will be a challenging year for students who are appearing for competitive exams .   native will enjoy  relation with  opposite sex . Relation with life partner will  become  friendly  .  Be alert some one may deceive you in love  .  Few may suffer form stomach and  Urine Infections .
Natives having repeated number 7 in their Date of birth can have fight with friend. The year will bring happiness for native having  life path number 3,5 8 9 . Your expertise will be much in demand . Much excitement waits for native who have repeated number number  4 in their date of birth .  Numerologist Nisha advices them to aware of  conspiracy in professional front .
  Numerologist Nisha Says  people engaged in event management , Luxury homes , Hotel industry , film , media the year is not going to bring much appreciation . You will have to prove your self . Your attempts to establish yourself on professional front may be resented by others but you will be able to get better out of them
What to do – Be careful in monetary deals .
What to avoid – To trust any stranger
Lucky colour –Majenta       
Lucky day-  3rd  4th 5th  6th 8th 17th 19th  26th
Lucky Days –  Wednesday , Sunday , Friday , Thursday 
Remedy -   Chant  manta Om Namo shivaya every day and write Number 33 in left arm .

Personal Year prediction  Number  7
 Date 7th  16th , 25nd  
 2020 will be year of  self  understanding .  Business matters will not be smooth. Chances of loss in work will keep the mind disturbed . Look around and choose friends since bad company can influence name . The health will turn better .communication skill will get strengthen   There will be good news for Zodiac sign Scorpio and Pieces it will be year of learning for them .  People who are involved in higher education the year will bring mental peace and lot of achievement . 
Control on high temper is recommended for life path number 7 . The Year will be full of challenges, in terms of money,  you may feel  financially exhausted. More spending on health can be seen . Avoid spending lavishly since you may not save much this year . Interference from opposite sex in business may bring loss .
According to numerology horoscope 2020 domestic harmony will prevail  for natives having repeated number 6 in their date of birth . Precaution in sale and purchase and in any illegal transaction  is recommended by Numerologist Nisha.
People in trading , machinery , medical field surgery , construction should keep watch . There will be small gains for them . Relief can be expected from long lasting worry . People working in Government sector may l get promoted .
Irregularity In meals can give acidity .  Arthritis , Hypertension , chronic health problems can hit  .
What to do Hard work to establish your self on professional front
What to avoid – Trusting new friend
Lucky colour – Grey       
Lucky day-  3rd 5th  6th 8th  9th 12th 15th  27th 31st
Lucky Days –  Tuesday , Friday Thursday
Remedy -   Keep shiv yantra in praying place and write  every day and write Number 32 in left arm .

Personal Year Prediction  Number  8
 Date 8th  16th , 25nd  
People with date of birth  number 8 need more patience in year 2020. As per Numerology 2020 Prediction you may face challenge so make best use of powers in a right direction. There are chances of taking unwise decisions .Rise in business  will new loan.  Zodiac sign  Aries ,Scorpio,  Sagittarius  and Pieces will not be left untouched . They may have to face opponents in job .     There can be delay in promotion .   Chances of success in examination and completion. 
  As per Numerology horoscope 2020 ,Year will bring comforts for people having life path  number  4    Natives with repeated number 2,6 , 9  in date of birth may win case . Differences in family relationships will end.  Brother health may be matter of concern .   Keep control on speech and speak politely to your subordinates.
There can be sudden changes . Land investment can  give benefit . Natives  interested in government job   may get one  . You can  buy a new house/ property  .Married life will be comfortable .Year will be neutral for people in real estate, chemical, Food, Fire, Machine’s and doctors  
 Nisha suggest put in your powers in creative activity. Numerologist Nisha Says this year may bring special offer . Year 2020 may not be good or favourable health wise. Muscle  and stomach discomfort can disturb you.  You may suffer form blood , heart and bile related problems .
What to do  Good showing in professional front
What to avoid – Over reaction
Lucky colour – Florescent  Green       
Lucky day-    1st 4th 6th  8th10th 13th  15th 17th 24th
Lucky Days –   Thursday ,Tuesday  Saturday
Remedy -   Keep Budh  yantra in North direction .Write 24 in left arm every day .

 Personal Year Prediction  Number  9
 Date 9th 18th  , 27nd  
  Year 2020 will bring progress for number 9 .  You will meet influential people . The year can bring good news .There can be  benefit from the government and foreign trade.  You can  spend on new home or Property .  Mars rule Zodiac sign Scorpio and Aries people with these signs will be able to establish them self on professionals front but they must keep  check in family disputes . For native with  life path number 9 this year will be full of opportunities  . As per Numerology 2020 this year can prove to be a turning point for you. Year will be rewarding for life path number ,2,3,6 and 9 You may get promoted in job and can go overseas .
 Disputed matters in land and property will settle .   Care should be taken in signing any document   In the month of July someone my deceive you in love matters . Natives having repeated life path number 5 in Date of birth can face family  dispute in September  . Confidence will help and your convincing ability will help you  in overcoming problems .
.Numerologist Nisha says heath will improve.  Year will be beneficial for natives  in November who are dealing in property , real estate , education industry , food industry, Machinery , doctors , engineers  and politicians .
Do not use harsh words since mars dominance can overturn the table. You may go for short trip . Desires and ambitions will be fulfilled this year. Money matter may improve and so do expenses.
What to do   Good Understanding with spouse
What to avoid – Dominance in  Love relations
Lucky colour –  Red
Lucky day-    1st 2nd 3rd 6th  7th  8th 10th 11th 18th  27th 28th
Lucky Days –   Thursday ,Tuesday , Friday  
Remedy -    Visit  hanuman temple on Saturday and chant  Mantra Om Hang Hanumataye Namah 108 times every day . Write Number 5 in left arm every day .  

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2020 Finance Predication With Numerology

 Date of birth will reveal how much Money  you will get in 2020

Finance prediction with numerology helps you to plan your money and financial matter for year 2020 .  Money is an important asset as it helps in keeping our life going. It adds happiness since we are able to fulfil our wishes and desires . It adds respect in society .
  No one wants financial crisis, losses and debuts. If we know in advance what if going to harm or benefit us then we can plan our finance better.
 2020 Numerology financial prediction can give us a brief insight of our monitory conditions .We can work on our policies and priorities.  We can get benefited with small changes and investments.

  Finance 2020 , Know what future hold for us for the coming year in advance.

Number of Year 2020 is number 4  Governed By  Planet Rahu /Uranus Rahu  is a planet of suddenness, It is called Chaya Grah  . Year 2020 is going to give mixed results it can   be beneficial for many .
  Rahu is a revolutionary planet   Till mid year of 2020   it will bring abundance to many and can give stunning results ,     Rahu will be more active and effective for people  born ion 4th , 13th , 22th   and 31th  dates  .People born on these dates  may get lesser reward of their pursuits, They  will play leading roles in marketing, media , films , magic travel industry.  The year will bring romance and few can have extra marital affair on indulging in live in relations.  Native having Personality Number 4  will prefer love marriage.  
Native-born in January, February, July and August will al so be influenced by Rahu .  Its strong effect will be on Zodiac sign   Gemini , Virgo  Sagittarius, Pieces,  Capricorn and Aquarius. Lot of hard work is required for people having birth number or Life Path  Number 1 and 2 . Other birth dates which will enjoy good finance and money  are 6st  8th 3rd and 5th .

 Dates 1st ,10th ,19th ,28th
The beginning of the year 2020 would be good  in terms of wealth generation and investments, Month of April will be  more beneficial for future prospects and monetary resources.  Hard work will bring rewards during July.How ever evaluate before taking  loans and do not make a blind investment. During the second half  after August 2020 Financial dealing and  wealth gains  may  increase .
 Think before undertaking responsibility since there can be sudden losses . There can be a change in residence .  Native can invest in real estate house and property.  One  can have small journeys, various problems  related to business land , and residential property can rise.
Business partnerships will prove beneficial for natives having f life path number  8, 3 and  5 . Natives with destiny number  1 can buy a new vehicle. Your spouse might spend extravagantly during the month of September. Life  Partner help and support would help you in gaining money.
 There will chance of getting a new job for natives having life path number 5 and 6 they can also start new venture .  Secret enemies can rise for  people having repeated number 1in their birth date  .   Increment in the existing jobs can bring good news  . The year will be good for politicians.  Numerology  Prediction 2020 and numerologist Nisha Ghai says natives having life path number 2 should be alert in investing in shares .  Natives involved in gold business bullion market and investment banking year will bring many opportunities.
 Lucky  Numbers – 3 , 5,46 and 9
Lucky colour Grey
 Remedy – Keep 7 gm square piece of silver in pocket for whole year  .

Date 2nd 11, 20th 29th
Year 2020., business with foreign countries/ collaborators would prove to be a beneficiary. The efforts and energy that you invest in earning wealth would yield positive results in the beginning of year.  Tension on account of younger brothers may likely to come up . You may win over enemies their attitude may change towards you . Women will play a key role in making or spoiling your future so avoid arguments.  By the month of July and  August there can be gains from maternal uncles.    People involved in the travel industry and media   will have shot term gains . There is a possibility of getting a new job in  November.  Gains from shares or lottery and real estate can be foreseen. You can buy a house.   Marriage can prove beneficial.
People having life path number  4 partnerships might collapse. During the month of June  can face heavy financial loss.  Native with  life path number  6  will be rewarded with enormous financial success.  How ever care is to be taken while driving   As per numerology prediction  2020 more expand char cab be seen for people having life path number 4.
   According to Numerology horoscope 2020 People working in  hotel , tourism,  film , Ayurveda ,import and export ,  doctors , ladies garment the year will prove neutral. Numerologist Nisha suggests to add on personal savings .           
Lucky  Numbers –  6,8,5,3, 
Lucky colour – Turquoise  , Green
RemedyKeep  Chandra  Yantra  in Praying place .

Date 3nd 12, 21th 30th
The year 2020` would be erratic when it comes to wealth ,money and  finance .  There can be sudden gains or losses , an increased number of love affair can happen and you may achieve huge     .  You have good professional fortune however new policies are needed to win the race.  Improved efforts at your office would yield constructive results and would lead to a surplus inflow of money. Natives with life path number 1,3,9  can think of new business ventures. Life path number 5 and 6 if associated with computer software, medicinal products and surgical equipment’s would face tough competition.
 Many of you will get promotion incentives and increments. The end year would bring fresh challenges in business partnerships, it can lead to  loss of money.  Nisha says natives with repeated number 5 in date of birth should not take risk in exploring business opportunities abroad as this can block revenue prospects.    2020 Year horoscope indicates there  will be benefice for natives dealing in the education sector, school , college, law  and politics .
Lucky  Numbers – 1 , 2,  and 9
Lucky colour – Red
Remedy  Keep  a Vyapar-Vruddhi Yantra at your business headquarters and worship it regularly

Date 4th  13th , 22nd  31st
A good monetary planning and supervision is required  in the year 2020.  People with date of birth 4 need to be cautious while making decisions about finance.   The year beginning can bring sudden gains but  after August situation can over turn . Native with life path number 1 can face losses in business  or job legal cases. Nisha suggests them to do investment in the end of the year .   The later part of the year seems to be favorable for buying and selling of shares. 
 In the month of July few can  face scams,  need to be aware of. The end of the year would be promising for computer workers. Sale and purchase of property, house, the vehicle can take place. legal involvement is also seen  . However, you must resist from making any risky investments throughout the year to avoid a financial crisis
  People involved in the medical industry, dance ,drama acting media can  fetch huge profits. Business ventures with the partnership will flourish. Relation with maternal uncle may spoil .
Lucky  Numbers – 3, 5,  and 6
Lucky color – Green
 Remedy – Pray goddess Durga  with sweets and Gulab Jal .

Date 5th  14th , 23nd  
The year 2020   will start will competition. With wise move you will be able to encash it . progress is in cards   The year will bring opportunities with progress  .Put a check on people trying to misguide you . Year will be full of planning and movements. Suggestions suggested by you at work place will be appreciated. Travel can get you better opportunities. Investment in shares and trading can be fruitful. A help from family/spouse can bring positive results . You can start a partnership with a family member.  You can buy property in the beginning of year .
 Job / business with foreign land  can be major source of monetary gains.   July to September can be challenging. Natives with Lifepath number 5, The year will prove excellent for natives who are engaged in buying and selling  of shares.  People with life path number 6  can go for competitive tests  . Some of you can refurnish your house. As per Numerology  2020 predication  You need to tighten your belt as excessive expenditure of money would lead to the destruction of personal and family material resources in November.
  People dealing in Businesses like books , library marketing, communication and fitness equipment would prove to be a good source of stable profit. Monetary benefits are indicated for you.
 Lucky  Numbers –6,3  and 8
Lucky colour – yellow 
 Remedy – Keeping satrun yantra in south west direction  will help  .

Date 6th  15th , 24nd  
 Numerology horoscope  2020, creative ideas and expression can attract lot of opportunity .   Meeting with appropriate people and sharing of burden in the work area can help you to move ahead progressively . Natives living in joint famlies can face issues  its time to  understand family priorities. An exciting news in the month of October can bring stable progress. Avoid delay and disruption in work place . Health will remain fit .  Financial strength will help you turn ideas into action .  
 Year will start with a bang for native with life path number  6 . They should be aware of enemies in the month of July . Low interest in work place will   add commotion  .   Numerologist  Nisha says  in  financial  year 2020 business will  be normal and condition will be in favour of people .for natives who are in business . Family businesses will  thrives well, avoid   business  partner ship since that may  run into trouble during the middle  phase of year . The month of September  is suitable for the purchase of lands or any other residential or commercial property.
Tough work at your job front would pay gorgeous dividends in terms of improved outflows. Those who are associated with a business that deals with interior , media ,  singing , acting and radio  would get success in the middle of the year .Business ventures related to film industry , luxury items , garments, perfume industry , hotel will see growth . According to Numerology number 6 this is an important  year, take important decisions with care and avoid trusting blindly .
Lucky  Numbers – 3, 8,  9 ,7
Lucky colour – florescent pink   
 Remedy – Pray goddess  Lakshmi  and read Vishnu shatranam every Thursday  .

Date 7th  16th , 25nd  
 In  Year  2020  the business  will not be smooth  . Avoid doing things that irritate others . You are likely to get head start .  According to numerology prediction for number 7  the year 2020 you may face various difficulties, You may  indulge in an aggressive pursuit and management of monetary resources. Business partnerships in coalition with your younger siblings and friends would flourish well during this year.
Life path  number  1, 8  are suggested to work with utmost care and precautions as they might get into trouble with authorities over financial mismanagement. There can be chances of losses during August month  The year does not look suitable for the purchase of office , house , property . Nisha says you can start new venture in partnership .
 As per numerology finance natives with life path number 7  should choose the traditional method of working . Family life will  be difficult for them  . In September there are chances of getting into court cases . Natives with repeated number 4 in date of birth will face adverse situations.  Business in the  sector, such as medical drugs, surgery and catering units might not yield the desired profits, hence no new investments should be done so as to avoid future losses.  
Lucky  Numbers – 6,9,3,5
Lucky colour – Grey    
 Remedy – Ganesh Mukhi rudraksha can invite prosperity in life 
Date 8th  17th , 26nd  
As per the  Numerology  number 8 Finance  2020,  native with date of birth 8 are advised to make best use of their of there powers in right direction.  Few can make unwise decisions.  Rise in business can be accomplished by new loan.     Now one can start planning and investment in expiations of business. There can be sudden financial gains. Natives working in government service sector will get recognition.  Few  will  be able to make sound gains and proper judgment towards  their funds at the end of the year..
 Numerologist  Nisha advice to people having Life path number 8, in year 2020  to avoid making any kind of investment in the share market/ mutual funds ,  Life path number  6 are advised to avoid heavy investment or loans as they might not only turn up to be unprofitable,   There can be  various other risks to a high extent.   Painful journey can bring health problem in August . Business  in partnership with your younger siblings may get disturbed in October. Resist the temptation to buy or sell any kind of property as it could result in a big financial loss.
   As per horoscope 2020 People working in the field of iron, animation, research, the investigation, fire industry, doctors, engineers, civil services, government sector, will get   gains.
Lucky  Numbers –5,6
Lucky colour – light  green  / orange   
 Remedy – Donate Mustard oil and keep gomti  chakra in your purse .

Date 9th 18th  , 27nd  
The consistent performance will pave the way for promotion  for number 9 during year 2020. The pending major task will get initiated soon . Overseas business trips will likely to get start now . Implementation of new ideas will bring promotion.
  According to the Finance 2020  Numerology personal year Horoscope , there is good news for students, they can expect good results in exams or competition.   Pending court cases can get solved in April or November.  People interested in oversea jobs  would get will get an interview call  for  their  job, They  will be able to fetch satisfactory results.
The income of your spouse would increase, which would help in saving more .  However native with number 3 life path will initiate for  better standard of living thus spending more .  One may get a Government job or in a department connected to the government .   Married life will be more stable for native with life path number 2 3,and 9    . Life path number 1 can acquire wealth/inheritance.  For native with repeated number 4 in date of birth   Family business can bring abundance.However, the situation may spoil towards the middle of the year.  People working in education, Service sector professionals, Leaders, politicians, fire industry, surgeons,  doctors , hotel industry, would come into prominence and earn well during 2020
Lucky  Numbers –6,8,3,5
Lucky color –  florescent red  
Remedy – Keep  Durga kawach and chant   Shani beej mantra  every Tuesday.

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