Monday, May 11, 2015

Dates and Number Has Significant Role in Our Life

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Do you Know
  Our Date of Birth  match with  Important Date of Event   that happens in  our Life
 Yesterday  a client visited me and his Numerology Reading was eye opener.
 A client consulted me for career analysis  and when I went through his details I was over whelmed with dates and Number. Few numbers and dates  were repeating and hand direct connection with his birth dates and name
 Name not mentioned for privacy – Name Number – 9
 DOB- 27 /03 /1958  Personality number -9
 Event s-  First married in 1974 and DIVORCED in  3 /06/1993
 Accident – 3/8/2013
 Insurance claim – 8/9/2015
 Property Dispute in n 1983 and 1985 
 Repetition of Number 3 ,9 , 8  again and again is indicating that these numbers and  combination   and dates bring him  problems most of the time in his life .
 In Todays world when the opportunities are so less and to  make them happen in our life we must know  our Lucky and Unlucky Numbers and  dates   so  we can plan our important event of life which are in our hand  be it be marriage , job, career interview , Business dates ,meetings, Inauguration  etc .  This we  can save lot of  frustration of life .

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