Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Palmistry Best Seller Book a feed Back

Dear Nisha
how are u i hope u are well when I left india I was depressed because i thought
i spent so much money but i couldn’t get any thing then happened I went through your book
and  after reading a few pages  I found it very interesting the book is written in a simple language and is very
untreatable and useful . The description given is in detail and the language is simple. I am glad to associate  with Institute of Palmistry. I find them best in India.
thanks a lot

Khadije from persia

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Life Secrets in Your Hand

Life in your Palm

Know more about your Life purpose through finger print.
During the last 15 years I has gone through hundreds of predictions and has imparted palmistry consultations to foreigners, NRI people and locals in India also. I have deep study of this subject.
As my experience grew more and more I felt that finger print play a very important role in telling purpose of our life . Lines change from time to time but finger prints do not change . They remain the same since birth. Don't expect that the fingerprints of your family members will be very similar in pattern. No two people will have fingerprints that are exactly alike — not even identical twins!
Your fingerprints form while you are still in the womb, and do not change during your life. Since they are fixed, they can be used to diagnosis some genetic disorders, and are also used in advanced palm reading . In palm reading they are used as indicators of how a person thinks.
There are four main types of fingerprints; loops, whorls, arches and arches. Each of these patterns can then be broken down further into subcategories, and each kind of pattern can give you valuable insights about yourself. You may have the same pattern of print on each finger, or they may be mixed. If you have the same pattern on all ten fingers, the attributes signified by that pattern will be strongly displayed.

The Loop (70% of all fingerprints)

The loop is by far the most common finger print. It looks, like a wave. A loop indicates an agreeable, easy-going and adaptable mindset. People with a lot of loops get along well with everyone. If you have them, you are very adaptable to new social situations.. You like to talk to people and find out more about their interests and ideas, and can be a capable or charming leader as well. The loop is sociable and puts great emphasis on connecting with other people. It gives a moderating influence to any finger .
There are two kinds of loops: Ulna loops are more common; they come in from (the outside, small-finger side) and point toward the thumb. Radial loops are more unusual, and they come in from the opposite direction, the thumb. People with these loops are still agreeable and enjoyable, but they are more likely to speak up for their own interests and stand out from the crowd than people with ulna loops.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Palmistry Symbols Hast Samudrik Shashtra

* यदि मणिबंध से कोई रेखा निकलकर शुक्र पर्वत तक पहुचती है तो उस जातक का विवाह व्यापारी से होता है ।

अनामिका ऊँगली पर चक्र होने से जातक व्यापार करने वाला व्यपारी में विशेष सहनशक्ति रखने वाला होता है ऐसा जातक व्यापार से धन का लाभ करता है ।

*मध्यमा ऊँगली पर चक्र हो तो जातक ईश्वर भक्त बहुत होता है बड़े बड़े यश करने वाला और पुजारी और प्रभु की कृपा से धन का लाभ करता है ।

यदि जातक के हाथ में अंगूठे में चक्र का चिन्ह हो तो ऐसा जातक अपने परिवार से धनलाभ होता है ऐसे जातक को कोई गुप्त धन तथा पैतृक धन का लाभ होता है ।

*जिस जातक के हाथ की उंगलियो में चक्रो की संख्या दो हो तो ऐसा जातक सुन्दर , स्त्रियों को अपने ओर आकर्षित करने वाला तथा अनेक गुणों से युक्त विद्वान होता है ।
*यदि दोनों हाथो की उंगलियो में एक एक चक्र हो तो जातक तीव्र बुद्धि वाला , अधिक बात करने वाला , भाषण कला में चतुर तथा योग्य होता है ।
यदि मस्तक रेखा तथा ह्रदय रेखा एक हो जाये या एक ही रेखा दिखाई दे तो ऐसा जातक साहसी , निर्भीक , तथा अपने पर अत्यंत भरोसा करने वाला होता है ये प्रतिभाशाली होता है अपने आप पर अत्यंत घमंड जोखिम के कार्य करने वाला होता है ऐसे जातक या तो अत्यंत सफल होगे या अपनी जिद की वजह से असफल होते है ।