Monday, March 30, 2015

Palmistry - a science in process!

Palmistry - a science in process! | Hand author: Indian palmist Nisha Ghai

The hand is a mirror of our personality. Its size, shape, texture, skin pattern, finger prints, length of fingers and Mounts of our hand reveal our basic tendencies and make us aware of our own personality, potentials and talents. All these features along with lines make our future. After knowing and understanding these features we can know hidden capacity of the person. 
Lines of our hand are not the creases on hand but they represent the activity of our unconscious mind.
Hindus call it MANN. 
More lines in our hand means more active mind. According to the research of Prof. Dayanand (Head of the Institute of Palmistry) the Mounts on our hand work as magnetic centers, which attract electric currents of brain and lines on the palm show the path of these currents. Reading the lines is equal to reading the hidden capacity of a person.

According to Prof. Dayanand 25% of somatosensory area of the brain is related to both the hands, which indicates the close relation between brain and hand. 
Palmistry is study of unconscious mind. The desires, which lie dormant. Our unconsciousness builds the blocks of future. These longings show themselves as lines of palm. When we read lines of palm we, in fact, read the unconscious mind because only this reading of unconscious leads one's capability to read the future.