Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Remedy for Broken love or Marriage

  Upaya for  Broken love and  Marriage

There is a Saying that marriages are made in Heven .
 At times we are unable to get perfect Match for love or marriage so we end up either  breaking relation or unsuccessful relations . here are certain Remedy  for broken  love and Marriage .

Worship  God Vishnu and lakshmi every day

If Venus Is afflicted wear Gemstone  Diamind or Zakon in Index Finger

If Jupitar is afflicted Gemstone Yellow Spaphire is adviced 
 You can Wear Blue Topaz for Charm In Love Life 
Keep fast of at least 16 Monday . Fasting will help you to reach you goal faster
Keep rabbit in your house and feed them by your own hand.
Worship  of Moon  will give you  success in love marriage

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