Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Myth and Facts of Fate Line

 Normally my students ask me  they never get to see quality and type of hands mentioned in books . They are correct.   Some times we do not get to see what is written in books it is different in living hand .This time in my classes I have made it a point to give more practical training of hand analysis  to over come this problem.. We will reveal may facts about Heart Line and  Fate Line. We will tell you  Which is Dhan rehka.[ Money Line] Do join us on 15 Sep to unravel the facts of your hand. 

There is Myth that If we have cross on Mount of Jupiter then one tends to have Love Marriage .  I have come across many people with cross on Jupiter but  they did not have Love marriage. This do mean good quality of marriage but this does not definitely mean any kind of Raj Yog or money . We should never predict by just one sign. See if there is square  or line on Jupitar

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