Monday, February 23, 2015

Your Palmist Can Guide you With your Health Situation

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 Your Hand reveals  Your health Condetion 
 A good Palmreader can always know  weather you are suffring from Lungs or Heart Problem .  He can guide you when will you recover . 
 I would like to share one of my experience .While reading palm a palmist can  easily diagnose your health problems from your palm .  he can tell you weather you are suffering from Bone problem or Lungs issue s. When will you have  anxiety and when will you get heart trouble . He can also guide you  the recovery time .

 While teaching one of my student I told him to get his full body check up since his skin was becoming loose. I told him to he may have diabties and guess what he told me he  has diabetes and it often get low at night .

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