Monday, April 20, 2015

Attract Wealth Prosperity and Abundance On Akshya Tritiya

Attract  #Wealth #Prosperity and #Abundance On #Akshya Tritiya

One of the most common things that People ask me about is Money wealth
 Many crystal  and gems attract money in our life  . Top favorite crystal for bringing in wealth and abundance is Citrine and Gem Is  Ruby  Both These stone can both can boost prosperity and  also they are good luck stones.
•  Where to keep This Crystal and Gems  
You can keep these crystals with you in your purse/wallet, cash drawer of your business, or in the Wealth corner of your house, which is the farthest left corner from your front door.
.When to do it: Every New Moon.
Where to keep it: In your wallet/purse or in the Wealth corner of your home.

Birth Stone also attract wealth money and Abundance  on this Akshya Tritiya  and to know  more about your correct Birth stone and Crystal 

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