Monday, June 15, 2015

Sun transit in Gemini on 15 June

 Is Sun Transit in Gemini good for you 

Just as the Sun is rising on June on 15th it enters from ‪#‎Taurus‬ into Gemini by evening , followed later in the day by Mars.
Both the planets are fiery planets . This combination may cause accidents, fire , arguments or explosion. But on the whole Sun transit in Gemini is beneficial .This will give rise to patron of friendship, contracts, meetings and fair-dealing.
How will be Sun transit in Your Signs.
Aries - Sun transit will be beneficial you may get new Job . Avoid heated arguments .
Taurus – Students in technical field will be benefited . Health of father need attention .
Gemini- Rise in friends and well wishers. Listen to your boss do not avoid him . Do not waste time in unnecessary explanation.
Cancer – Heart patients need more care . You can travel to distant land . May not get new opportunities /assignment .
Leo- Sun own sign will give monitory gains and new opportunities. For more progress chant Gaytrimantra for whole month .
Virgo- Sun transit in Virgo will not give very fruitful results . This transit can bring legal issues and confusions. Can give rise to skin problem . Offer water with roli to Surya for coming month .
Libra – Misunderstanding with spouse can increase . People in Luxury and acting industry may not do well.
Scorpio- Progeny may not be possible . Long travels can take place . Be aware while driving .
Sagittarius- New opportunities will come . Its good time for investment in property .
Capricorn- Sun transit in Capricorn is not beneficial . respect your teachers and guru for betterment in life . Do not misbehave with labor class.
Aquarius - Financial gains can be seen . Avoid drinking milk in the evening . Good time for progeny .
Pieces- Sun transit in pieces can be beneficial for people in job . few can visit abroad . You can invest in property .
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