Saturday, October 17, 2015

Transit of Sun In Debilitated Sign Libra Can Be Good For Some

 Transit of Sun In Debilitated Sign Libra Can Be Good For Some .

Sun will transit into the Libra in its debilitated sign   on 18th Oct 2015  till 17th Nov  2015  .  The planet of Life , Source  and Soul can be good for some .
 Aries  You can get furious with spouse/ .Health issues such as headache, pain in eyes and stomach are possible. Keep control on your words.
 Tarsus There can be more expenses in home appliance   Stay away from those who envy you. Love life might get affected. Family member might have to face serious health issues
 Gemini Time is good for love life. You will make new friends This transit is fortunate for businessmen and for service people

 Cancer Arguments are possible with family members, spoiling family atmosphere.  Be polite while talking .  There can be rift with boos in office but luck is with you .
 Leo Luck is not that supportive. Any disease might pop up again.  Harsh Speaking will harm your relations  Money will be wasted on useless things and you will not be able to control it.
Virgo  Do not indulge in useless  arguments  with family members. Conflicts because of you are possible in your in-laws family too. Health might get affected t. Pain in shoulders and lower area of stomach is possible.
Libra   Health  issues are seen  Headache, fatigue, and muscular pain can be there . Time is not good for new agreements. Postpone the date of legal cases,

 Scorpio Problem will be there in  career front . Wrong money and financial strategy  can lead to loss . Do not invest .  Lack of love life . You might get annoyed over minor things.
 Sagittarius Friends  may betray  you,  promise will break . Your can be rewarded for your hand work .
 Capricorn    Some of you can face allegation and work perfonce will decline . Students results can suffer . Few can suffer form  knee pain .
 Aquarius Financial profits are there for  many . But hard work is required . Promotion can be there but your own action might lead to harm for your image. Avoid  Liquor

 Pieces  There will be profit but less in number . You need to balance your life . Make plan wisely . Unhappiness with partner / spouse can be there. 

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