Sunday, December 13, 2015

Karma Debt In your Hand

Do you see Difference in Lines of Right and left hand .
 Our Karmas Effect our Lines of Hand
 So many people visit me every day and most of the time I see difference in lines of Right and left .
 Too much of difference in  both lines is not considerer good.

 If you Left hand lines are bad then it  is related to your  past karma .
 And If Right hand lines are good then of course it is related  to your present Karmas . Since the hand we write with is our present Karma hand so Vice Versa can be there .

 Our future to most extent depend on our past  karma . The difference In  both hand show  weather you have improved or spoilt  your Karma .

If the  working hand has bad lines that means you have spoiled your future with your karma .  Good Straigth  lines is good significance .
The difference in lines of Both hand is self made. we can change this difference for brighter future by meditation , our habits our work culture and positive thinking and correct balance

Past Life Karma Also  change our hand types .

It can occur that the left- and the right-hand are very different and therefore show different properties. This can bring big change in life  This can mean that an emotional property has changed dramatically or that you are conforming to certain, daily situations or routine. It can also happen that your left-hand shows a talent but your right-hand doesn't. This means that you haven’t fully developed that talent or that you are not aware of it. Also differences can indicate that it looks like that it goes well with you but that in reality – mentally – you are sick or weak.

When there is little difference between the two hands than you have a balanced and harmonious character and also your inner life is in balance. In that case you are just yourself and treat everyone equally.

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