Friday, February 12, 2016

Find Your Love In your palm This valentine

 We all are always curious to know about our love , relationship and marriage in our life.
According to Palmistry almost every human being has the line of love and marriage in his hands.
Some have one while others have more than one.
All questions related to love and marriage can be answered with Heart Line ,Association Lines and
many other signs in our hand that denotes love,
We can come to know about Romance, Marriage, love marriage Arrange Marriage , Break up,
Separation , Divorce , Extra martial affair and many more .
A good Palmist or Palm Reader has answers for all your queries
A Pink color hand , indicates much love and compassion for partner. They prove good parent.
If the color is red then they exhibit their feelings openly .They are impulsive, demanding and rational
romantic type .
The two main lines Fate Line and Heart Line talks about Love marriage it tells about spouse or
partner .Weather he / she will be loving or caring or not . If these lines are deeper one gets caring
Marriage Quality and Sex Life
Venus is Mount of Love and attraction. People with strong mount of Venus are attractive , they
love to dress up and they respect love and enjoy good sexual life. They may have good married
life .
Week Venus gives poor stamina, poor relation with spouse or partner It can delay marriage as
well and can even spoil marriage .
A Caring and Loving Person

A Long Heart Line talks about a the passionate Heart, They are enthusiastic, expressive sensitive
caring and even can be flirtatious.
Judge Compatibility between Partners
Heart Line indicates compatibility, We can check partners compatibility by seeing Heart Line This is a line
of passion , emotions and enmity . A person with longer deep Heart line with no cuts & breaks are loving,
caring and understanding.
They maintain good relation with spouse, partner and family .
Where as short Heart Line people are selfish in love . They are more demanding , self caring and free
thinker . They end up spoiling love and trust of partner.
Extra marital Affair

Yes we can count extra marital affair in hand
Association lines commonly called marriage line and sex lines . One Line indicates stable one man
Two Lines show good romantic relation with spouse or partner.
Three Lines indicate more relation or affair. If the fingers open wide then one is romantic.
Lover Marriage symbol in hand
Cross on Jupitar is very auspicious sign which promise good stable marriage . I have seen many
times it gives early marriage stable marriage and Love marriage .
The signs and detail given in article here are for information only . I request readers not apply
them blindly by looking in their hand since t just one symbol does not give correct prediction.
for that we need expert advice .
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Nisha Ghai

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