Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Palmistry Reveals Strong Points of MS Dhoni the Cricketer

 Palmistry Reveals Strong Points of  MS Dhoni the Cricketer

His hand is a perfect combination of leader and achiever . The individual  short fingers , the broad wide palm, the perfect Head and Heart Lines, the long  thumb, the strong Mount of Venus, and well  developed Upper Mars all indicate action , courage   high standard  talent .  He is  man with tremendous mental and physical skills who knows how  to take his talent to the highest level.

He is a perfectionist and very good leader and  but stubborn. His short fingres do make him Obsessive.  Strong Mars and  long Sun finger is making him loud . he sets standards for himself and for others. which can become a pain for others .

He strongly desires fame and wants to be known for his skill and talent specially due to his strong Sun finger . Venus is giving him inclination towards media but moodiness as well .Moon   gives rise to feelings of jealousy of those more talented than him because he does have feelings of insecurity.

 Dhoni is a fairly good planner [ Square tip of  Satrun Finger ] It is his creativity and imagination which give him a strong intuitive feel for the game and help him make the right decisions (Mount of Moon and Fingers). He is also shrewd and understands people (Mercury finger) but he is not a master manipulator or cunning strategist in the true sense of the terms due to Sun Finger .His plus points are that he is serious, focussed (Saturn finger shape), intuitive, understands people, is very talented and can see issues objectively, with his emotions well in control. This helps him make the right decisions (Strong thumb, Hand shape and Headline and Heart line ). His negative points are that he can get too critical of others and is at times insecure and vindictive due to Saturn .

 Written By Nisha Ghai

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