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Simian Line The Ape Vanri Rekha

 The interesting line Head Line and Heart Line Joined together

Which is Simian Line
 A very rare line the Simian Line appears instead of heart Line and head line , It’s a  joint  line instead of two lines [  Heart Line and  Head Lone ] there is just one line called  Simian Line .  In Hast Samudrik Shastra it is called Ape Vanri Rekha .    The common thought about Simian Line is  that  this   line is not   good  .  

More  about Simian line – First and the most  important ,we must check this line in both hands right and left.  Our active hand is our present karma hand and our passive hand is our past birth karma hand, generally this line is found in one hand .If this line is only in  our passive hand  then  some of our past karma or debt are still influencing are life .And if this line is in our active hand then we need to enhance our  present karma .People with this line in both hands mostly  live their life differently .

Simian line the Joint Line – As I said before Simian Line is a Joint line so it has an influence of both Heart Line and Head Line. People possessing this line are single minded, things will be black and white for them.    The balance is missing. Either they are excessive emotional or mentally geared.  They can just laugh easily and weep readily. Individual with Simian Line are usually stubborn they either rule by heart or head. 

Strong Points - Native with simian Line are focused and committed   but   shrewd, we can call them perfectionist.  They are usually energetic.

Different type of  Simian Line –  We find a different type of Simian lines . If the line is nearer to finger the owner of this line is devoted and committed to their partner. They are possessive and can be jealous.  Since extreme is the word for them.  They lack self-understanding. Hypersensitivity causes a serious flexibility of the mental process. These individual have difficulty in dealing stress and take thing too personally.

 If the Line is near the Life Line  then they are more business minded.   They are consciously aware of material realities .The approach towards life is more commercial. They measure their relation also in the same way.


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 Nisha Ghai


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