Sunday, December 10, 2017


The year 2018 is Number 2 Governed By Moon .

 Moon represents mind and mother. It makes one kind human, sympathetic and generous. If the number is positive, then one travels, is romantic and a passionate lover. They can be good poets or writers.

In the same way if the number 2 is negative and repeated many times in date of birth Then one can suffer from water bone disease, eyes problem, they can have an unstable life . and can be moody.
  This year there can be more rains. Women will get more power and recognition. There can be more accidents and sucide cases.  There will great connectivity among masses through the internet for communication, entertainment and business. Professionally doctors, designers, property dealers, musicians merchants, travel industry will do better.
People born in 2nd , 11th , 20th and 29th are influenced by this number. Moon will leave an impact on people born on 1st 2nd 5th 10th 11th 14th 19th dates. Its strong influence will be on Zodiac sign Taurus, Cancer and, Scorpio.Year 2018 will be the year of important decisions and changes. And a lot of hard work is required for people having birth date 4 and 7. Native having date of birth 1,2,5 year will be good. For  3,6,8,7 beginning of the year will be full of challenges,

To get the best results of Moon write 11/2 . Also we can use Lucky dates and colour.


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