Wednesday, October 17, 2018

This Deewali Attain Wealth with ShreeYantra

How to attain #wealth This Diwali . Yantra are combination of Numbers a perfect combination add wealth in our life 
Yantras for wealth
• Shree yantra – It is said to contain highly powerful divine vibrations and energies which destroys all sorts of negative vibrations and attracts vibrations of abundance, wealth and all benefits. It fulfills all desires of the person and elevates a person both materialistically and spiritually. It surrounds the person with highly charged positive vibrations giving him easy access to richness and affluence.
• Lakshmi yantra – This yantra brings inflow of constant money and richness in the lives of those who worship it. It removes poverty conditions and clears debts.
• Kuber Yantra – This yantra can be placed in business houses for lucrative purposes, to amass wealth through assets and land holdings.
• Shri Bhairava Yantra – This is another powerful yantra for attraction of wealth and prosperity. It also protects from theft, loss and other negative conditions.
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