Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rahu Transit in Leo can be good

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Rahu Transit is going to happen on 31 January 2016 Leo is governed by Sun so Rahu is going to transit in its enemy's house. presence of Jupiter in the same house will make Guru Chandal Yog . Most of the astrologers are talking many things about it . 
Normally it is considered bad but for many it will give good results
Jupiter is this planet wisdom, opportunity, higher knowledge and higher education. Jupiter also represents love for money and for travel.  

The Rahu is moving into your fifth house house of children, education and romance. It's the house of recreational activities, creative self-expression, entertainment, vacations enjoyment and gambles. Jupiter already in leo sign so,

Jupiter is trying to expand all those areas bring opportunities for you but there could be some delays. Saturn makes you sure that you can accomplish these opportunities but you have to put in a lot of hard work.  Now Rahu is entering into Leo in January 2016, so between January and August 2016 the everyone is going to have Jupiter aligning with Rahu who influenced by Saturn.  These are three of the most important planets in astrology.  So there's certainly going to be a lot of intensity and expansion from January 2016 into August 2016.

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